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I Can Has Chili Sleazburger

July 26, 2009

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i bee sorree 4 wuteva i deed 2 rooin mah deighting karma.

Eef iz promiss 2 play nicerer, wil ewe plz maik da bad menz stahp ryetng?



Do you make good chili?

“Chili al Fresco”
by Sleazburger

We sauteed the onions for the chili,
made it spicier.

Our tender kisses
became spicier, too.
“I don’t know whether to eat
or have sex,” you moaned.
I knew the answer.

We turned off the gas, but
the heat still soared in the bedroom.

I was tired from our morning romp,
went soft several times.
You persisted
and we reveled
in the clouds and rain.

Still astride me,
still hotly connected,
you softly stroked my chest
and channeled your loving,
healing energy into me.

Later, I gentled your belly of fears,
and held you while you cried your pain,
channeled the compassionate one.

We finally ate,
by candlelight.
Magical, mystic music
massaged our souls.

I lightly stroked your body and
we purred serenely into the night.

Our love blossomed beautifully,
like the white gladiolas
on my altar.

It was hot chili al fresco
muy delicioso!

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