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About Re(a)d Flags


PART I: Best friends by choice; Life partners by default.

friends_42For the better part of three years, we (Winnie and Sylvia) have intrepidly explored each and every major dating site out there in search of Mr. Right. We’ve completed a myriad of personality and psychological profiles (kid tested, FBI approved!), posted our most flattering but honest-to-goodness pictures (eh hem- we’re glossing over a certain someone’s Photoshoperama here), and honed profile writing to such a science that friends now ask for help with theirs.

Like a band of not-so-merry troubadors, we have entertained friends, family, acquaintances – and at some point, fellow participants of an Oprah seminar – with tales of woe and fiasco. Recently, we decided to put pen to paper (finger to keyboard?) and share our experiences with the rest of humanity. And thus a blog was born.

Generally speaking, posts fall into 1 of 3 categories.

  1. Random missives received by fellow travelers on the information superhighway and our fictional responses.
  2. Chronicles of our most entertaining real life play dates.
  3. Observations about social applications of technology and how the interwebs effect the way people connect (or don’t) in modern times.

NB: While we may appear quite snarky here, in actuality we’re just a couple of quite lovely gals pushing peace, love, and happiness. Names and revealing details have been changed to protect the innocent (including lil’ ol’ Winnie and Sylvia – we find lawsuits terribly unflattering to our figures). Otherwise, these emails and stories are presented unmodified for your reading pleasure.

PART II: Ahoy- Nautical Theme Off the Starboard Bow!

jpg-ahoymateyNavigating the sometimes murky waters of the single life left us wondering if maybe — just maybe — there was simple code underlying our most baffling interactions.

While attending the wedding of two great friends, we found our proverbial Rosetta Stone amongst the rocks of Pebble Beach. The nuptials backdrop was an elegant country club perched on the cliffs overlooking Spanish Bay. Inspired in part by the setting, and a sprinkle by the priest’s blessing which likened mankind to a flotilla of ships, Winnie became enamored with the language behind maritime flags.

Just imagine: two ships communicate vital information with the flick of a brightly colored flag. Like a baboon in heat flashing its red behind, there’s no mistaking the message. With all the mis-communication going on between men and women these days, why not replace all those awkward (what the hell is he/she talking about?) emails, IM’s, texts, and real-life convo’s with an internationally recognized and approved lexicon?

When we can manage to steal time away from our day-jobs/recurrent-existential-crises/social-engagements, this blog will make a case for the adoption of an international dating alphabet. Sailors beware.

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  1. January 7, 2010 3:12 AM

    this is great!

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