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Alpha Bit

March 14, 2009

A is for Alpha. It is the first flag within the series. In maritime code, Alpha means “diver down, please steer clear”.

Flag courtesy of

Flag courtesy of

Insert *muffled* laughter.

The original meaning would be far more practical for the modern dater. Ships used alpha to indicate to others that it was “undergoing a speed trial”. This would have been particularly handy for identifying a rally of speed daters. What? you don’t think you can get to know someone in 8 minutes. Then steer clear.

Better yet, how ’bout a special badge for those racing from one end of the dating pool to the other? You know the ones. They’re the girls asking men on the first date if they’re into kids. They’re the dudes trying to get laid on the first date. Woah. Steer clear indeed.

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