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Running of the Mouth

February 21, 2009

2006_03_04_runningrbidesLast night, I had the opportunity to attend the butt-end of a “Running of the Brides”. The Running of the Brides, held semi-annually by discount retailer Filene’s Basement, is a one-day super-sale of hundreds of bridal gowns. Teams of brides and their helpers line up in the wee hours of the night for their chance to snatch a gown of their dreams at 50-80% off. When the doors fly open at 8 a.m., the ensuing process of tearing through the racks, grabbing a few dresses, then bartering with other brides is apparently is quite a scene. I know this because it was parodied on an episode of Friends. And you know if it’s been parodied on Friends, it’s got to be pretty funny. Yeah.

I arrived at 6 p.m. with my friend and soon to be bride, Lisa, Sylvia having arrived at 4 as part of another team.

Lisa is a former Peace Corp volunteer and the absolute antithesis of Bridezilla. She’d rather support a village in Africa for a year than spend the dough on an extravagant event. She hesitated at the door, overwhelmed by rows of satiny, sequined, fluffy confections. I had to put my arms around her and gently drag escort her to showroom. We eased into the search, talking about what I might like to wear if I were a bride as we scrolled through the dresses. Eventually Lisa felt comfortable enough to reluctantly point to a few simple dresses that she might not immediately tear off to go howl at the moon. After two hours of tag-team stripping and dressing poor Lisa, our time was up. We didn’t end up finding Lisa’s dress that day.

But something did happen. I (shhh… don’t tell my boyfriend) tried on my first dress. I know, wierd, huh? It’s about as wierd as scrolling through bridal websites and registries and trading emails back and forth with other non-engaged friends about our favorites.

(insert nervous laughter here)….

– W

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