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Navigating the Be-Minefield

February 10, 2009

February 14th? It’s not my favorite holiday to come from the boardroom at Hallmark. I know – shocker, right?

Last year was the worst yet for circumstances more personal than I care to reveal. This year I’m doing it differently. Here’s how:

  •’m skipping town, if for no other reason than to spare Winnie and her beau from me tagging along to dinner, dragging my sad sack of sad close behind. A recently single girl friend and I will be in Manhattan. I haven’t been back for almost 4 years.
  • I will not be getting in touch with the person with whom I spent the five V-days with back when I lived in New York. Sparing his current gf a major case of agita is my little gift to her. (It’s cheaper and less fattening than chocolates.)
  • I am gonna be proactive and send myself a Valentine. I’m thinking it’ll be in the form of the letter I like to think I would have received from an ex if he weren’t a self-involved noodle-head desperately in need of a tact transfusion. (Sorry folks – that one will self-destruct 15 seconds after Winnie reads it.)

The above may not have much to do with the canonization of St. Valentine, but it should keep me out of trouble.

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