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I kissed a girl

August 12, 2008

I admit it. I am a shameless tagger preying on innocent young googlers looking for porn or Katy Perry or both just to get a hit.

I’ve never kissed a girl. Weeeelllll… yeah… no. I doubt that time I went out to a club with my roommate and she planted an X-fueled wet one on me counts. This post, dedicated to my life partner, was inspired by a weekend full of long car ride conversations with my dude and an awesome tee-shirt I saw at All Points West.

I’ve got a pretty kick-ass dude, but my best friend is my life partner. We’ve been together since the 7th grade. I think I knew I’d love her forever even then, when we laughed so hard she spewed milk out her nose. We had made up new lyrics to “My name is Luca” about some girl who was terrorizing us. We haven’t stopped making music since.

When she’s in a bad mood, I’ll do my dance moves ‘till the clouds lift. When things are really bad, I whisk her away from it all, even if we leave just to turn around ‘cuz she just wants to crawl under the sheets. She would do the same for me. When things get overwhelming, I withdraw. She’s the only one to keep poking me in the shell ‘till I grudgingly come out. Pout or no pout.

Sometimes I take her out on a “romantic” dinner, just the two of us. I’ve even flown her halfway down the east coast just to be my date at a fancy pants company party. She wore a little red cheong-sam dress and I wore a slinky LBD. We were the “it girls” of the party. She ended the night with two dates. One was a sweet shaggy-headed kid named Marcus. The other was a well-heeled, well-coiffed blond who had the unfortunate habit of calling everyone “chief”. Hey whatever – he was very soft and pretty.

When we were young, we’d spend hours after school on the phone, pretty much saying nothing save some silly noises. We still sit for hours on the phone, even though we live less than a few miles from each other and don’t need to borrow daddy’s car to get together. We also talk about life and love. A lot.

She’s been through enough to analyze and therapize with the best of em. She listens to my worries and woes without judgment. And there have been lots of both in the past 20 years.

She’s there for me, and I’m there for her. And so it will go, back and forth, back and forth forever.

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