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March 20, 2008

copyrighted_image_reuse_prohibited_305860.jpgFriendster, it sent-ster
It said: “You have mail!”
An old friend?
Or a new one…
Who likes that I’m pale.

Damn! Not again:
That Spam-I-am!
No green eggs this time,
But plenty of ham.

A banker?
A lawyer?
A Walmart trainee?

No, wait – he’s in stocks
Likes the Sox and long walks…
Just like ME!

Spam’s plan is apparent:
“Stuck in Nigeria, you say?”

Nope. I can’t wire money.
Boy, today’s not your day.
Now, stop calling me ‘honey’
And stay far, far away.

Exhibhit A:
I wish I were making this up but I couldn’t this achieve this level of lame-ness if my life depended on it.
Direct mail and e-mail marketers report a response rate of approximately 10%. Hopefully altruistic souls offering a non-torturing love have a higher rate of return.

Hello angel, how are you doing? i’m Spam Iam single never being married, i was just checking out something before i came across your profile, and what i saw was of inviting and thrilling…Here are some tips about me, i’m a man filled up with respect and trying to learn new things in every glorious hours… i’m seeking a single lady that does not have the heart to tease me up with her sugar coated mouth, telling me she loves me, at last what she has for me was just to enjoy the sweetest part of me and left me lonely….. i want a woman that i could be with, with an endless journey or till the calls from heaven…. Because I am so motivated by love! Nurturing is a huge characteristic of mine, Not torturing. I long for one tender touch that will last a lifetime…. i’m here for real woman to call me a real man.Are you the one? if yes, my moment with you would be highly set as a blissfull experiences.come you will never regret having me cause a woman’s worth is what i pledged to adore.So step into my world and enjoy a lifetime of beautiful smile and happiness.i’m real….Here is my email addy, feel free to write me back or add me up with ur messanger list so that we can talk and get to know each other very well. Waiting to hearing from you soon…. Spam Iam

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