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Bid Adieu

March 19, 2008

Circulating the web yesterday was a story of a young man putting his life up for bid. Prompted to hit the restart button after his marriage crashed, Ian Usher is selling his house and all its contents, along with a two-week gig at his place of employment and an introduction to his friends.

He’s created a rather extensive website with all the details: A Life For Sale.

After reading the news story and reflecting on the healing aspects of our own blog, I felt compelled to draft the following letter to Ian.

Dear Ian:

I saw that you have your life for sale. This made me kinda sad and I thought about sending you an email convincing you otherwise, until I realized that Sylvia and I have something to offer that is far more precious than consolation.

We’re willing to offer you a writing gig here at Ms. Matched. Sure the pay is low non-existent, but hear us out. Just imagine: You could write anonymous letters to your ex and post them here. Boy, nothing makes you feel better than a letter you never send. Or maybe you could write a nice story about the whole experience. There’s like 10 readers on this site and they love our stories. You could show the world (all 10 of ‘em) just how crazy Laura is. ‘Cuz we all know that there must be some serious crazy going on in order to inspire a man to sell it all and start fresh.

What’s that? You’re going to make half a million selling stuff you didn’t care much about anyway, experience world-wide fame and news coverage and perhaps land yourself a book deal, all while making your ex insanely jealous? How silly. Who wants all that?

We’ll hold our breath while waiting to hear from you.



P.S. Fine, we admit it. E-baying your house, car, and some time with your friends and job is freakin’ genious. Expect a copycat posting once we figure out what we’ve got to sell.

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