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Mirage (circa 2005)

March 9, 2008

The banter, witty. The attraction, palpable. Skin on skin; lip to lip… punctuated with silent, tender glances. Strong hands caress freckled cheeks and the cad leans down to gently kiss the small scar on my left hip – a facsimile of acceptance that would fool even the most jaded, discerning observer.

However precious it may seem… the moment is fleeting. Whispered invitations to tempting getaways will not materialize into reservations and packed bags. Something in the back of my head just knows it.

Not to worry, intellect keeps my heart on a short leash.  A little bit of hope, a sparkle of imagination and dose of carefully monitored exercise will help to condition it for the big race.  Perhaps a marathon where winning and losing take a back seat to crossing the finish line hand-in-hand.

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