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Heavy Petting

February 20, 2008

Hi – I don’t normally do this but your profile caught my eye. I guess the best way to start is to tell you about my self. I just signed up so I don’t have a picture loaded up or much of my profile done (working on it). I graduated from West Bum University little over a year ago with a degree in engineering (so fun), after breaking my back for 5 years at WBU I spent the following 5 months poor and looking for a job, and when I thought it couldn’t get worse my parents kicked me and my 2 Pitt bull Puppies out on the street. So shortly after that I got a job at petco to help with the doggy bill. I’ve been living on my own now with out the help of my parents, finally got an engineering job and working 48 hours most weeks and 60 when they let me. Never thought I would forgive my parents for kicking me and my puppies out, but time heals most wounds and we made up at Christmas. Sorry im at work and got plenty of time to rant 🙂 My puppies are the best thing that has ever happened to me, they love everyone and will sit in your lap and lick you to death if you let them. I’m looking for a 420 friendly girl that loves dogs. I really don’t go by looks, i’m really laid back nothing makes me mad, I’m not really looking for anything in particular I just don’t want someone that needs to complain about everything under the sun. Some one that is laid back and down to earth. I like to put computer together, martial arts, petting animals (animal lover), movies, Aqua Teen Hunger force & family guy rule. I like a lot of stuff more things then I don’t like. I’m 23, 5’10 Brown eyes brown hair, I’m very strong I can pick up both my pit bulls when they are bad(200lb) I like drinking socially and just hanging around the house chilling. If you like what I have to say you can email me at stan at hotmail. If you’re not interested or bored pls let me know, i’m not expecting to find a girl friend over night, friends are cool too. Ill get a pic and can send one to you. laterz Stan

Dear Stan,

Wow.  That’s a lot chew on.  Let me get this straight: you’re a cartoon watching pup with low expectations who could pick me up when I’m bad?

…what’s the catch?


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