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What a Pu$$y

February 18, 2008

I thought I had seen it all.  I had not – by a long shot.  Today’s society is always evolving and shifts in the tide of gender equality have washed up a new breed of single man on our shores: the male counterpart to the spinster.  Not to be confused with the typical bachelor (both confirmed and eligible), these men are marked by a curious preoccupation with their cat(s).  Let’s be clear – we are not talking:  “Gosh- I sure do love my pet Mittens.”  It is a whole ‘nother level of fixation.  How do I know this is not the stuff of urban legend?  As usual – first hand.

Last year I was contacted by ‘Catman’ through an online dating site (the scratching post of his choosing).   The correspondence started inconspicuously enough.  …that is until the topic of our mutual interest in writing came up.  His preference was short form poetry and I received a link to an impeccably written poem.

The muse was none other than his feline friend and companion.  His talent was as evident as the fact that he had clearly overindulged in the catnip.  Clearly.  I am all for creative expression but somewhere along the line this skillful take-off on French romantic prose crossed from ‘animal lover’ to ‘animal lovin’. 

It makes you wonder what thought process (if any) is employed when people share information.  Why not save crazy for a rainy day?  One can hardly avail oneself of doubt’s benefit with a virtual stranger.  I can’t imagine leading off an acquaintance by sending an e-mail to the effect of:


Here’s link to my dating blog.
BTW, do e-mail a higher resolution image ASAP.  There’s a turn-around time on Photoshop composites of future children and I want to have ours’ ready for our Weekiversary.

I dunno.  Perhaps I should.  I’ll let you know if my position changes.

For the record, I have gone back and forth about whether or not to include the poem here.  Full attribution would be unkind at best.  Including the poem in its entirety without crediting the author doesn’t feel right either.  Still – let’s face it – the real crime would be keeping this gem to myself given the limited reach of our little old patch of grass.  My compromise: an excerpt is included in the image below.

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