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Rejection Letter

February 11, 2008

So, a few weeks ago I got an email from eHarmony. I had closed one of my connections, and he responded to wish me good luck with my search. I closed the connection in January….. of 2006. Why he decided to respond a year later is a head scratcher, but not why I am writing.

I just don’t get eHarmony’s “last word” guarantee. Once you’re matched with someone, you can only communicate via a series of questions. They even provide you with a list of suggested questions. Now, should you really be dating if you can’t think of a few questions to ask a total stranger? You could always go with “I’m thinking of a number between 1 and 10…. ” 

sorry we're closedAnyways, at any point you can close the connection if you decide that you’re not interested. The rejectee is then given a chance to provide final remarks (apparently this is not a limited time offer), again from a “pick one that applies” list.

To me, sending an email to someone who closed you is about as fruitful of an exercise as responding to your college rejection letter.

Dear College:

I really thought we had something here. You posed some thoughtful questions and seemed genuinely interested in my answers. Sure, it was a bit weird that you wanted my test results and $50 before we even met, but whatever….

*sigh* Well, I don’t understand your decision, but I guess all I can do is accept it and move on. Hopefully there’s someone out there that will see my potential.

Good luck with your search.

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  1. March 28, 2008 3:14 PM

    I agree with what you’re saying…I always thought it was funny when people said “I think you should reconsider ” when I closed them off. I still found a great guy through all of the muddling though

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