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There for art thou, Valentine!

May 27, 2007

Message received: February 13th
Subject: Gandalfs?

I think I may have kissed you in the bathroom at Gandalf’s on New Year’s Eve a number of years ago (just after midnite). I’m serious. Do you happen to have a memory of this? -Interestingly,


bathroom romance

Dearest FarmerTed,

I’m flattered to have been mistaken for someone with whom you shared bodily fluids as well as a special moment on an international holiday. As a rule, I don’t make out with strangers in public restrooms. My immune system wasn’t built to withstand exposure to cooties².

To date- my only foray into bathroom romance was in a very clean, lockable semi-public restroom with someone I knew quite well.

Be ever vigilant and one day you will find your lady love. -Uninterestedly,


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